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  1. Manzy

    Happy Birthday to our one and only Queen Isabella

    Hear Ye Hear Ye Let the celebrating begin It‘s Our Queens Birthday and she celebrates so much more than her special day she is a transplant survivor and We are so very grateful for that.. So join us in this Wonderful Venture Happy Birthday Queenie So glad we met on this Roo adventure and...
  2. Manzy

    Happy Birthday to our favorite Country17

    Happy Birthday to my Country friend Rich it’s been a blast posting with you over the years Cheers! To many many more Enjoy your special day with Mrs C and your Roo friends :emoji_two_hearts: that includes me with my cupcakes I made especially for you with sprinkles and ever’ thang’
  3. Manzy

    It’s our Lynn’s Birthday today (LikeanEagle)

    Happy Birthday to my favorite LynnDoll :emoji_hearts: Sure do miss you around here I hope you have a Wonderful Day Much Love Manzy
  4. Manzy

    The Great Roo 4th of July Firework bash!!! 💥

    Here’s something to get @Kryten Doll and this party started
  5. Manzy

    💜 A Very Happy Birthday to our squirt 💜

    Happy Birthday my friend and look at you it’s on Easter too I hope your day is filled with all the wonderful things you bring here at the Roo Family and friends, sunshine and laughs, even some cupcake fun Enjoy your day and always know that this Manzy girl loves you a ton Happy Birthday...
  6. Manzy

    Dogs night out

    He was out all night and his owner found him with some new friends 😂 (Turns out they were the neighbors)
  7. Manzy

    Museum Finds

    When you find yourself in a museum Oh @kipper can't wait to see yours lol
  8. Manzy

    ❤️ Happy Birthday to our Aurora ❤️

    Happy Birthday Aurora Sis @AuroraAngel Hope your day is amazing Miss and love you very much Enjoy your day with magic and love ❤️
  9. Manzy

    I just talked to King Homie

    I thought I'd just make a thread for everyone to see the latest update on our Homie He is ALIVE and starting to kick he said lol When I called I got no answer so I left a msg and he called me back and said he was on the pot, lol! not the other kind either :D He said he's slowing starting to...
  10. Manzy

    It's our Queen Isabella's Birthday

    Happy Birthday to my favorite redhead and Queen I hope you have a wonderful day and month of celebrating So CHEERS to our QUEEN and her court which is US lol Sending Much love my friend ♥ Love Manzy
  11. Manzy

    Directions to Bear Creek

    The life according to Jake Boone he has the cutest videos and won Amercia's Home Video with this one the directions to Bear Creek :D the grocery list is another fav of mine he does
  12. Manzy

    Happy Birthday Essex!!!!

  13. Manzy

    It's time for the Roo 4th of July ***FIREWORKS***

    Lets get this party started :love:
  14. Manzy

    ♥ Happy Birthday to our sweet Dreamer ♥

    Happy Birthday Deb!!! I hope you have a fun filled day with lots of laughs and goodies So Enjoy and celebrate this is your day Love Manzy
  15. Manzy

    Signature Preview

    Is there a way to preview our signature before we save it? Thanks much as of now we have to save it without viewing and for me I go to another selection then back to view it under sigs
  16. Manzy

    Post Count under Avatar

    Is there a way to put our post count under our Avatar? I ask because I enjoy looking at mine it took me a long time plus its much easier to see what other members have incase we want to Congratulate them!
  17. Manzy

    And a Happy 'Roo' Year

    Lets get this party started