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  1. squirt

    In Loving Memory ♥

  2. squirt

    sexy brilor is LEGENDARY! ♥

    We have a new Jokaroo Legend ♥ Congratulations to sexy brilor on 200,000 posts and becoming legendary!
  3. squirt

    Happy Father's Day to Dads everywhere! ♥

  4. squirt

    Happy Birthday, BP! ♥

    It's something we're so thrilled with having you back here on the Roo but we fell a little short today and that simply will not do! I hope your day was wonderful and good things came your way I hope there was some cake and gifts you deserve a special day ♥ Happy Birthday, BP!!!
  5. squirt

    A belated Happy Birthday, pandora! ♥

    There just is no excuse so I will offer none what happened is behind us and it cannot be undone We hope your day was special and filled with lots of love you are so very dear to us to the Roo you are a plus! ♥ Happy Birthday, pandora ~ we'll do better next year! lol
  6. squirt

    Blind test experiment

    This will make you feel good just watching it! I couldn't make it for 14 minutes, I won't mind if you don't either lol
  7. squirt

    we've pulled the trigger!

    we have found THE house! it's right behind my Kroger, beautiful neighborhood, beautiful home! we tried and tried to find something wrong with it, the best we could do is hubby doesn't like the maroon paint, and we'd like a portion of the back patio to be covered ... in other words, there's...
  8. squirt

    A very happy birthday to a very sexy brilor! ♥

    I meant to do this yesterday but the mind is not my friend the things I can't remember seem to really have no end But one thing I remember and you can believe it's true I only want what's best in life for a friend as sweet as you ♥ Happy Birthday, sexy brilor!!!
  9. squirt

    Pass It On ♥

    This is a movement we call ALL live with ♥
  10. squirt

    what IS a man?!

    so much for toxic masculinity
  11. squirt

    Convention of States

    Are you tired of a Congress that gets paid without doing their jobs, while citizens do their jobs without getting paid? Sick of the gridlock that fails to help anybody? Confused about why we have a freedom caucus, a black caucus, a Saturday morning breakfast caucus when ALL elected...
  12. squirt

    Christmas is coming ...

    Dear Children, It has come to my attention that many you are upset that folks are taking My name out of the season. Maybe you've forgotten that I wasn't actually born during this time of the year and that it was some of your predecessors who decided to celebrate My birthday on what was actually...
  13. squirt

    Thanksgiving Blessings ♥

    Townhall It is instructive for us today to recall what life was like for the Pilgrims who arrived on these shores in December of 1620. As the Plimoth Plantation describes it: Many of the colonists fell ill. They were probably suffering from scurvy and pneumonia caused by a lack of shelter in...
  14. squirt

    ~ ♥ a very Happy Birthday to RK ~ ♥

    It's a very special day here in the land of Roo we're gonna have some cake and have some presents too! May your heart be courageous may your spirit be strong may all your days ahead be love filled and long ♥ Happy Birthday, Love!!!
  15. squirt

    Country had a birthday!

    I can't believe we missed it this truly special day we'll try to make it up to you in every possible way No birthday should go unnoticed so I made a little thread it's just a way to let you know you're in the heart, not just the head ♥ Happy Birthday, Rich!!!
  16. squirt

    innocent until proven guilty?

    what happened to it? why are people being allowed to come forward to make accusations about events that happened 40 years ago? should a woman, who's kept her silence for decades, be applauded for ruining a man's life? I'm outraged over what they're doing to Brett Kavanaugh he's gone through 6...
  17. squirt

    here she is! ♥

    like I said, she's very plain looking, but that means she doesn't scream "steal me" ! lol far from plain on the inside though, it was built for comfort I'll get some shots of the inside I've got a lot of learning to do, but what a blessing it is to be loved! ♥
  18. squirt

    Montana Dream

    To tell the story of our trip, I have to start where it started: the car! The Chevy Traverse! ♥ after all the BS I went through to rent a car to drive to Montana, I ended up with THE perfect car for the trip it was keyless, it wouldn't let us lock the car with the key fob in it, it wouldn't let...