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  1. Bamber

    What is it? #537

    The largest of these particular examples is around 2 metres, 6 foot tall, but they can be as small as a bedside cabinet or large enough to cover a whole wall. What are they?
  2. Bamber

    What is it? #536

    Yes, they're all timers, but very specific timers. Who would use them, and for what? The longer ones are 30 seconds, shorter 15 seconds
  3. Bamber

    Seasonal safety notice

    Please be advised that all members planning to dash through the snow in a one-horse open sleigh, going over the fields and laughing all the way are required to undergo a Risk Assessment addressing the safety of open sleighs. This assessment must also consider whether it is appropriate to use...
  4. Bamber

    What is it? #535

    Roughly 3-4 inches, 7-10 centimetres across what are these?
  5. Bamber

    What is it? #534

    The smaller of these is 51 inches, 130 centimetres long. They can be shorter or even longer than these examples. What are they?
  6. Bamber

    What is it? #533

    16 x 10 x 7 inches, 40 x 25 x 18 centimetres What is the function of this device from 1860
  7. Bamber

    Do you speak penguin?

    The group: "Daaamn!" The faller: "Fuck!"
  8. Bamber

    What is it? #532

    A variety, but they all have the same function. Between 2¼ and 4 inches (55-100 mm) long, what are they?
  9. Bamber

    It's STG Day!

    Happy Birthday to Steven Thomas Ganz, our stevent222
  10. Bamber

    What is it? #531

    Just short of 48 inches (123 centimetre) long, this was specially made for a specific task. What was that task?
  11. Bamber

    Future golf star

  12. Bamber

    What is it? #530

    Four examples this week, not usually taller than 1 metre, 39 inches, what are these? I'll be suitable impressed if you can give the actual name of the objects.
  13. Bamber

    You go, girls!

    Sweets (MsDiablo50) posted a link to this on facebook; I just had to share it here too.
  14. Bamber

    What is it #529

    Three examples this week. What was their function? Roughly 5 inches, 13 centimetres long.
  15. Bamber

    Take a deep breath before opening this thread, Squirt!

    Just a couple of your favourite things.
  16. Bamber

    It's Romford Lad's Birthday! 🎈

    May the day be everything it should be Peter
  17. Bamber

    How to get rid of telemarketers

    This is absolute gold...
  18. Bamber

    What is it? #528

    I got sidetracked; running late with the WII this week. Two different views of this hand tool from 1917. What would be the most probable occupation of a person using this?
  19. Bamber

    What is it? #527

    These all have the same function. What are they designed to do?
  20. Bamber

    One for the ladies, I think...

    I wasn't sure if it was for real so looked it up. There are apparently at least 3 different companies supplying something like this.