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  1. essex boy

    The Challenges

    Great work all I don't have a computer anymore, everything is done by iPhone so no PSP :cry:
  2. essex boy

    Happy Birthday Essex!!!!

    thanks Manzy and Sadie,and thanks for all the great Birthday wishes on Facebook Jokeroo community everyone
  3. essex boy

    Today is Squirt's Birthday ♥

    Hope you had a great Birthday:)
  4. essex boy

    Banning Sleeping Beauty

    Yep,that's the new way of thinking here Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and the Christmas House Elf are all telling Children lies and should be discouraged.
  5. essex boy

    Jewish..The one true religion z Every one god religion is a cast off from the the Jewish faith As a Protestant I know we exist because we no longer wanted to under the control of Rome (bit like Brexit) The Muslim faith is also a cast off (why else would they be so...
  6. essex boy

    Happy Birthday to Romford Lad

    Happy Birthday
  7. essex boy

    Life goes on!

    Congratulations to you and your family :like:
  8. essex boy

    Happy Birthday Essex Boy

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    Think of Manchester today.

    My eldest Grandaughter is 9 and she adores Ariana Grande She has her poster on her bedroom wall. That's the sort of age that this singer attracts to her concerts. Targeting them is cowardice beyond belief.