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  1. Manzy

    Right place, Right time favourites

  2. Manzy

    Manzy's Magic

    you bet :love:
  3. Manzy

    The Land of Misfit Toys

  4. Manzy


    For when you get a puppy :emoji_laughing:
  5. Manzy

    The Fun House

  6. Manzy

    Laila's Creations

    Beautiful work in all Sis love the tree and fire in the background on this one Wonderful Magic :love:
  7. Manzy

    Expressions In Animation

    I wore it well and will again it’s perfect :love:
  8. Manzy

    RoadKill's Creations

    Wonderful imagination my Melk friend :emoji_hearts:
  9. Manzy

    made with love ...

    You really outdid yourself with this one Awwwmazing 🥰 and your little singers adorable 😍
  10. Manzy

    A few glitter names

    Oh come let us adore you 🎶 and your work is magical :love:
  11. Manzy

    Express Yourself

  12. Manzy

    Christmas 2019

  13. Manzy

    Christmas 2019

  14. Manzy

    Christmas 2019

    What are the video Roo Christmas @stevent222?
  15. Manzy

    Lets Play In the Roo Snow thread ❄️

    Thank you for all the wonderful add’s :love:
  16. Manzy

    The Fun House

  17. Manzy

    Manzy's Magic

  18. Manzy

    Manzy's Magic

  19. Manzy

    Manzy's Magic

    Thank you my friends :love:
  20. Manzy

    The Challenges