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  1. Manzy

    that's 60,000 for our Manzy! ♥

    Can you tell I was excited lol 😂
  2. Manzy

    that's 60,000 for our Manzy! ♥

    LOL this is a cute tag Peter :D Thanks for the love and friendship over the years
  3. Manzy

    My New Camera

    Also good shots of the moon those are always a tough one to get Thanks for sharing all the pics :)
  4. Manzy

    My New Camera

    I have them too they are purple Iris’s ~ they are from bulbs I separate mine when they get to clunky and replant them in other parts of the yard, I’d leave your alone as your yard is more wild I love them they bloom every May ❤️
  5. Manzy

    My New Camera

    It looks similar to tecoma (orange jubilee) shrub
  6. Manzy


    I just got a text from him he goes back next week for X-rays and he’s hoping no halo as it gets screwed into his skull He can only sleep in a chair right now but he says HI :D and will be back
  7. Manzy

    Krazy Kalifornia

    I guess if it will be the laughing stock of the country I interpreted that as it will be hated All the comments on dumb laws every state has them and they are all funny there should be a dumb law thread then. This thread seems to get more and more ‘out there’ I know Calif Is going to drop into...
  8. Manzy

    Krazy Kalifornia

    Yep there is a Texas thread in the funny section which is for funnies this thread is in a political section I'm just pointing out to Tsalagi that all states have 'stuff' I just don't get all the hate for it and how much the world has changed this past year. I know its okay to have opinions I...
  9. Manzy

    Cozy up by the Fireside

    It was really really lean and good.. I want to try Elk burger that's a big thing too the grooms sister was telling us they got an Elk and the meat lasted a whole year :eek: We were just tripping we walked into a BBQ full of Elk meat LOL!! :LOL:
  10. Manzy

    Krazy Kalifornia

    their are dumb laws in EVERY state here's a link to it Dumb Laws in United States. Crazy United States Laws. We have weird laws, strange laws, and just plain crazy laws! Why ya'll picking on California I have no idea ~ every state has problems and I'm glad they don't allow plastic bags the...
  11. Manzy

    YouTube videos

    I see.. I know people who have youtube channels but they post interesting video's not whatever this was
  12. Manzy

    that's 60,000 for our Manzy! ♥

    Thank you my Moose friend Didja know I had ELK steak lol It was good... Elk is big in Oregon everyone has it :eek:
  13. Manzy

    YouTube videos

    I watched 5 seconds of that and I'm SMDH also why do people become a member here post a video or two then never post again I guess I'm living in the stone age as I don't get it :rolleyes:
  14. Manzy

    Household gadgets....A-Z

  15. Manzy

    Shamelessly Admitting...

    I shamelessly admit it's been a gorgeous 3 days I shamelessly admit it was nice to be outside I shamelessly admit I'm getting my tan ready for Hawaii lol
  16. Manzy

    Question my Question

    someone's crazy arent they? lol
  17. Manzy

    The liars club...

    my lawn is brown lol
  18. Manzy

    How often do you?????

    sometimes Tried Elk it was good lol how often do you do something thats dare devilish?
  19. Manzy

    Before and After

    soap dish
  20. Manzy

    The What if game

    I'd wait til the chaos passed lol What if you were offered a job for excellent money but it was swing shift?