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  1. LilMissPurrfect

    What is it? #466

    For holes in your sock?
  2. LilMissPurrfect

    If journalists told it like it is

    I wasn´t interested in the wedding but then I caught a little bit of it, and when I saw the facial expressions of the royals and some other guest during the Bishop´s sermon, I have to admit that is was fun. :p
  3. LilMissPurrfect

    If journalists told it like it is

    I think Zara´s face said it all! That was priceless. :sneaky:
  4. LilMissPurrfect

    YouTube videos

    Wow, and here I was,... thinking there could be nothing more annoying than the original song. So in a way......well done I guess!! (y) Still can´t believe she won.
  5. LilMissPurrfect

    What is it? #462

    Well done Laila, Good job!! I don´t think I´ve ever seen one.......for obvious reasons. :p Then again, I´d probably thought it was a shot glass holder.
  6. LilMissPurrfect

    What is it? #462

    My first thought was that they were coasters, till I saw the size.. :sneaky: Second thought,....are they holders for these small,....(I don´t know the english word for it)..... waxine candle holder kinda sort of thing?..... I mean these things.
  7. LilMissPurrfect

    What is it? #461

    No idea........:sneaky: But Congrats Laila!! Well done!! (y):emoji_trophy::emoji_clap:
  8. LilMissPurrfect

    What is it? #461

    For hand poking tattoos?
  9. LilMissPurrfect

    That's what I call drumming

    It is still called the ¨Taptoe¨ signal and still in use. Only for Military funerals, remembrances or like, yesterday, on our national remembrance day right before the 2 minutes of silence. I believe I once read that British soldiers in the 17th century ¨took¨ the signal back home to England and...
  10. LilMissPurrfect

    What is it? #460

    Maybe that is why they designed the wristlet purse? :unsure:
  11. LilMissPurrfect

    What is it? #460

    Good job Laila......well done!! Congratulations!! (y):emoji_clap::emoji_trophy:
  12. LilMissPurrfect

    What is it? #460

    I don´t know.......I don´t think any man in my life has been this romantic.
  13. LilMissPurrfect

    If journalists told it like it is

    Yes, I heard that too. What I didn´t hear though are questions, Sherlock Holmes would have asked 1) Being within hours of victory in Douma, what advantage would Assad gain from launching a gas attack? 2) Who stands to gain if Assad is blamed? And after Kuwait, with the..... newborn babies...
  14. LilMissPurrfect

    If journalists told it like it is

    I am with Corbyn on this one. I personally would have waited for evidence on who was responsible and if there really was an attack. If there is real exclusive proof then please show it. Do I trust Russia? No! Do I trust the Syrian government? No! Do I trust al Nusra (Al Qaeda) and Daesh and...
  15. LilMissPurrfect

    What is it? #459

    Chocolate molds? Or butter, ice cream, cookie dough, or whatever.....but molds.
  16. LilMissPurrfect

    What is it? #458

    Dental cleaning?
  17. LilMissPurrfect

    Who do you Lust over?

    I am not easily impressed,.......and I don´t believe in marriage.......but...... Oh damn yes.......Marry me!!!:love:
  18. LilMissPurrfect

    What is it? #454

    Miami vice called, they want their chain back. :sneaky: And, Congrats. well done, bravo and all that!!
  19. LilMissPurrfect

    It is a bit windy today.

    :unsure: Hmmm,.......I am on to something. It could be a new way of national ecological transportation.