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    The Friends Who Planted 10,000 Trees

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    Tuba Skinny - Jubilee Stomp

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    Artists With Disabilities

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    Father Ray Kelly BGT

    Unable to locage BGT thread? Mods / admin please relocate. Thank YOU, thank all y'all very much.
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    Galway Girl

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    HillBilly Girl

    HillBilly Girl
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    Christmas snags

    Little Drummer Boy
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    "Lee Highway Blues"
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    1968 Triple E Motorhome Video Tour
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    Island Style
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    Japanese Marching Band
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    Take Me To The River
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    Ethan, a six year old on the autism spectrum plays a Billy Joel favorite.
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    Always On My Mind
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    Hurricane Irma

    Safe, all is well. Thank you, thank you very much for the prayers.
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    Hurricane Irma

    Thank you Manzy. Hope not to be any body in harms way? Just taking up space and bandwidth here on Amelia Island. Aye'm 'bout ten feet or so above sea level at low tide, less than one mile from lake Atlantic, so eye bee safe, aye'm shore. Does not read to me to be Chamber of Commerce weather for...
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    new member, i don't know why I'm here

    Chips Ahoy and welcome aboard Isabel. Aye'm taking up space and bandwidth in upstate Florida on the right coast.
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    Μαρίνα Σάττι - ΜΑΝΤΙΣΣΑ
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    Watch This Guy Build A Massive Solar System In The Desert