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    The Future of Jokeroo

    I was happy to see Jokeroo was back but haven't used the site in a very long time. I have never used add blockers and don't mind them.
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    Gulf Surfing

    Different kind of pumping though!
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    Gulf Surfing

    Golden quote, Squirt! You mind if I repeat that to my conservative friends?
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    pesticide free ...

    Hawaii cockroaches are the biggest in the United States. They put those measley bugs in Texas to shame!
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    How Americans see Europe.

    You are an idiot! Amsterdam is the major city in drugs and hookers. Don't you know anything?
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    while you're enjoying the LONG weekend ..

    He has never been our leader anyway. All he can do is campaign. He is a great speaker, but all blow and no show! As a 24-year veteran, I will be paying my respect to all the veterans of this great nation!
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    follow me

    I think that's souper, Kini!
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    Time to Chill

    I didn't know what that was.
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    A Hundred Dollar Story!

    How about the Bay of Pigs!
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    A Hundred Dollar Story!

    What is this supposed to mean? Your fingers must be too fat for the keyboard.
  11. H Parody website

    And now he is dead. All the children can rest easy.
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    things learned on the farm ...

    God, get a clue, idiot. Can't you use some punctuation or know something of the English language? What is the difference between where and were? Ever heard of leaving spaces between sentences? Talk about run-on sentences, your first sentence was nuts. What is a plural? What is shite? You...
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    trading places ...

    I think she's becoming a dickhead!
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    Bunch of f'kin racists

    I'll second that. Vote NOBama!
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    How to Scare the Kids at Halloween

    Wow, what an amazing resemblance to Obama bin Barack.
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    Sexy But Safe ;)

    I just had to go back over this site. Thank you, NTSU for this one!
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    Sexy But Safe ;)

    I just had to snag this one. It is really fine. Thanks, Hitman444
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    That's ButtWiper!