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    Go fund me healthcare?

    What is going on. Two people I know, both middle-aged and witundecent jobs gavecstarted gongund me campaigns due to healthcare costs. One for his down and the other after a tick bite. Is this a sensible way to use resources?
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    What? Waht? HALF PAST THREE!

    How do you, politely, let your in laws know that they are going a bit deaf? We have them staying with us just now and with 3 youngsters in the house, 20, 19, 15, I've never been so aurally assaulted as I am just now!
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    Visiting Ohio, what should I do?

    Once more I venture into the belly of the beast and this time I'm making a visit up to the Great Lakes. In order to get the full flavour of the area, what should I do?
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    Here we go again

    Evidently a once in a generation vote is every three years... Given that the administration has just announced their intention to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence in the next couple of years, how often should these votes be held?
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    Pzifer refusews to sell drugs for executions With the decision of the company to refuse to sanction the use of it's products in executions, is this an example of a company imposing it's will over the stated will of the people? Does it demonstrate...
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    What should I make for tea?

    Need to do a shop and I'm just looking for inspiration!
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    Nelson Mandela dies...was he truly great?

    Nelson Mandela has died. Along with all the eulogies he deserves a frank and honest assessment of his life. Was he true;y opne of the great leaders of our time? Did he achieve something special or merely act as the face of events that were going to occur like it or not?
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    Christmas Decorations

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    Birthday Cards

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    Sexist TV

    Chatting to a girl about TV today and she mentioned that she felt the TV channel of Dave was sexist. "Why don't they have one for women?" "they do", I replied,"Babestation".
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    Exploding Actresses Dum dum stuff but so damn funny
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    Looks like Chechnya may be exporting its expertise. This is very worrying. Given what they did in school in Russia do we need to be frightened?
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    Sex Life

    My girlfriend said she wanted to spice up our sex life so I began with cumin on her tits.
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    So very true...

    Heard this on the radio this lunchtime. The Last Time The father, reading to his girl some little tale they always read is unaware that this may be the last one that she’ll ever need; she’s grown past stories softly read by daddy sitting on the bed. The mother with her muddy son...
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    Dolphin Requests help

    Saw this on te news today. A dolphin requests help fom a diver to remove twine and wire: <object classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" width="512" height="400" id="movie_name" align="middle"> <param name="movie" value=""/>...
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    Newton's third law of emotion

    For every male action, there is a female overreaction.
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    Getting old

    There are certain "events" in your life that tell you that you're getting on a bit: when the hairdresser offers to trim your eyebrows. The first grey hairs on your head, or down below... Had another one this week at the opticians...varifocals time!
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    A love story in 22 pictures

    Check this out. A Love Story in 22 Pictures - Imgur
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    Help Needed...Romantic Meal

    Need some suggestions from the girls outr there for a menu for a romantic meal for me to prepare for Suzi. She's no fish lover so if yo can avoid them and spicy foods it would be good. Currently I'm thinking about rack of lamb with new potatoes, green salad and home grown tomato salad followed...