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Thread: Good Luck Letter

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    Thumbs up Good Luck Letter

    Tell someone today that you love them.

    Here is a letter I came across drifting on the web.
    I thought is was very moving. I thought it would
    be nice to pass it along to everyone I know.
    Please pass it along if you like it.
    Imagine how many people might read this!

    Here it is.

    This letter has been sent to you from a friend to bring you Good Luck.
    Take a second and think about how lucky you are to be alive.
    Think about how blessed you are to live in a country that is Free.
    Take a second right now to remember those who have fallen for
    your freedom.
    Think about someone you love.
    Think about someone who loves you.

    These simple words made you reflect on what is important.
    You will now have Good Luck.
    Please Pass this page along to someone
    It will touch them and bring them Good Luck.

    I hope you all will have a lovely day.

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    thank you so much!!

    I thank god everyday for all that he has given us.

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