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Thread: New members: hints and tips

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    Default New members: hints and tips

    NOTE: The screens shown here are out of date but the principles still apply.

    Here's my tips for navigating the updated Roo.

    I have set as my start page. This shows who is currently on line, most recent first.

    I then look at the most recent posts. This should show all threads which have been created or added to since you last checked them or logged off. There are two tabs for New Posts and as far as I can tell they both point you to the same place.

    Which then shows New Posts, latest first:

    To view your profile either select your own name or the My Profile tab

    to show something like this

    To view messages select Private Messages

    to show something like this

    To view threads by Forum, just click the Forum tab

    which displays the forums:

    From here you can select an individual forum and view all threads.

    To access groups, select the Community drop down:

    then the Groups option.

    This will show the new improved groups page:

    page down to the group you want and select Group discussion

    which shows the group thread... unfortunately oldest first, so you will need to select the Last button to see the most recent.

    I'm afraid this site no longer contains an uploader.

    If there's anything else you want to know, just send me a message & I'll see what I can do.

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