Believe ♥


May 5, 2004
I believe it's Wednesday, and that means back to work tomorrow

I believe it's been a nice run, and I used every single one of the 3 days off lol

I believe, naturally, the temps drop tomorrow

I believe I'm not the closer though! lol 1happyday2.gif

I believe hubby got all his truck troubles fixed, and it didn't cost him a dime

I believe they even waived the deductible!

I believe that's the good side of new vehicles lol

I believe it doesn't last though, the van has lol

I believe it takin' care of your wheels! pinkrose1.gif


Jokeroo Enthusiast
Dec 27, 2005
I believe I didn't even hear from him at Christmas, that was the only downside to the holidays

I believe I talked to Joel today, he's feeling better, but his daughter's still sick

I believe they believe they're about over it

I believe they get the key to their new place on Feb 2!

I believe everybody is all up in everybody's business when I visit my sisters lol

I believe I like the "mind your own business" life style of the city better lol

I believe in believing! lol View attachment 4491
i believe that isnt hard to make a call
i believe thats good news he is feeling better..i hope his daughter does too soon
i believe it is the stubborn strain going around
i believe i bet they are thrilled to know that eh?
i believe that is a con to small town
i believe as long as they are talking about ne someone else is being left
i believe that is a pro to big city like
i believe 2 way is cozy 1269598fkrqvy7liq.gif