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May 9, 2004
Thought I share..Hope its new for you all....
I havent tried it out yet though-lol
but you get the sparkle plug in in zip file
'Angel Easter Egg' Tutorial

Here's my second tutorial for PSP beginners. For doing this tutorial, you will need Jasc's Paint Shop Pro. Also required are some goodies- the gradient used for the egg and the ribbon, the angel tube, sparkle plug-in and the egg selection. All these are put together in a zip file for you. Unzip the files using Winzip to a folder. Then, put the gradients (.jgd files) to the gradients folder, sw_egg.sel file to your selections folder (create one if there is'nt already), sparkle plug-in to your plug-ins folder (create one if there is'nt) and the sw_angel tube to the tubes folder in the Paint Shop Pro folder in your computer. If you need help with installing plug-ins, feel free to e-mail me.

All the Screen shots in this tutorial are resized to 60%
1. Open a new image 400x500 pixels, resolution 72, transparent background. Go to Selections, Load from disk, browse for your 'Selections' folder and download the egg.sel file.
2. Set your foreground color to sw_lightred gradient. Fill the selection with this gradient.
3. Keep selected. Go to Selections-Float.
4. Go to Efects-3D Effects- Cutout with the following settings.
fill interior with color-UNCHECKED. Deselect.

5.Add a new layer. Set your foreground to gradient red metallic and background color to null. Click on your Line tool with the following settings-type-freehand, width-15, Antialias-checked, rest all unchecked.
6. Draw two small lines in the middle of the egg starting from the edges. See screenshot.

7. Draw a curved line for the bow.

8. Draw another curve to complete the bow.

9.Now make two lines for ribbons, one short and one long.

10.Go to Layers- merge-merge visible.
11.Go to effects-sparkle. Use max size-24.

12.Move the merged layer down to make place for your angel.
13.Add a new layer. Click on you tube tool. Select sw_angel tube, scale-50, step-200.move the angel, click once on your image and adjust it above the egg.

14. Add a new layer and write whatever you wish to. I chose to write 'Easter Wishes' with background color set to #400000 and foreground color to null. The font used is Helmsley. If you want more 'Angel' tubes, e-mail me. I have lots of them and it will be fun sharing them with you. A link back to this page would be appreciated, though it is not necessary.
Hope you enjoyed doing the tutorial! Happy Easter!

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