Jun 25, 2005
Hey everyone! I know I ask alot of questions and such here, but the Roo is my "go to" place, kinda like my happy place I suppose...LOL!
I need you Rooers to help me once again. Alot of you know more about images, art, and graphic usage then I do. Been at it longer too I guess. I am asking that if ANY of you know of ANY FREE, Royalty Free, Commercial Use, images (mostly of people {women}) I would be greatly appreciative if you would share. I am starting a bussiness making graphics for others that do not have the time or the know how to do this. I have been told by many of my friends that they would buy from me, so I am giving it a go. However, I have noticed that free usage is slim for CU items.
So, if you could help me out a little I would be forever in your debt. Oh and BTW...I would never EVER think of charging another Rooer for any work I did. I love ya'll way to much to do that! Besides doesn't make alot of sense to charge for something that I learned here.

Thank You all!


Jokeroo Enthusiast
Jan 24, 2004
I'd say send a PM or e-mail to Arella
Not to sure about the commercial aspect, but I know I get GADS of stuff from her daily


May 5, 2004
this is from Arella's thread in Talk to the Team about artists :blowkiss:

Yes Yes List

Alan Ayers Alan Ayers
Ayumi K skin media player are you at
A.V Phibes A.V. Phibes: Artist and so forth
Abranda Icle Sisson MuddVision Studios
Amanda's Castle Amanda's Castle - Original fantasy art, adoptions, tutorials, recipes, and stories
Angela Allen (posers) have to join her tubes to get anything - render me pink Resources and Information.This website is for sale!
Aurore Demilly // BlackCat //
Alan Giana The Art of Alan Giana Website

Ben Tan w w w . b e l l e f r e e . c o m
BJ's Haven Permission
Blaze Warrender Blaze Warrender visionary artist and healer - spiritual art gallery. View beautiful paintings of interconnectedness, astrology, shamanism and much more.
Bridget E. Wilde Bewildered Art - The Art of Bridget E. Wilde
Brigid Ashwood Steampunk Art, Neo-Victorian Illustration & Perfume Lockets ~ Brigid Ashwood - HOME

Camilla Drakenborg
Charles Faris Fast, Creative Web Design!
CMarie Mermaids, Fairies and Fantasy Women - The Art of Creation by C Marie
Corey Wolfe(5 images only) Corey Wolfe Home
Craig WentWorth

Danielle Cavanagh Untitled
Danny HahlBohm(beautiful religious images)
David Cherry David Cherry
David Stribbling
Dean Yeagle Dean Yeagle - Caged Beagle Productions, Inc.
Deborah Woods ƒtƒŠƒ‹ƒXƒJ[ƒg
Der Hase ƒIƒŠƒWƒiƒ‹CGƒTƒCƒgBunny Mooniƒoƒj[ƒ€[ƒ“jŽï–¡‚ÆŠG‚Æ–{
Diana Peralta Graff Diana's Illustrations
DIKA WOLF Hometown Has Been Shutdown - People Connection Blog: AIM Community Network

Elf Quest Legal Information
Ericka Baque
Eve Riser-Roberts Cat Gallery of famous artists' funny cat art, photos, names

Gail Gastfield Gail Gastfield's Art
Gregory J Griffin Comcast

Henri Peter welcome to

Izabela Byzmek (Faeries are Real) mainIndex
Indigo R. Wake Where Would You Like To Go Today?

J Anne Masiker
J NeonDragon Peffer Fantasy Art Gallery
Jacqueline Colleen-Tarrolly Fairy & Fantasy Art by Jacqueline Collen-Tarrolly
Jade M Bengco
Jasmine Becket-Griffith Fairy Artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith: Gothic Fantasy and Fairy Art, Fairy Pictures & More!
Jeff Lyons
Jessica Galbreth Fantasy art by Jessica Galbreth, fairy and faery art, goddess art, dragon art, mermaid art and more!
Jim Warren Untitled Document
JoAnna Colbert JPC Artworks - Redesigned Site in Progress
Joe Pekar
Joel Adams Untitled-7
Johanna Pietermann
John Lund Stock Photos & Funny Pictures - Our Stock Photos Include Images of Animals, Business, Concepts, Lifestyles, humor, ethnic and more!
John Phillip Wagner
Johnathon Allen Cummings
Jonathon Earl Bowser The Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser
Joseph Linsner L I N S N E R . C O M
Josephine Wall Josephine Wall
James Browne Welcome to James! Fairies, Elves, & More

Karen Carr Home page for international wildlife and natural history artist Karen Carr and Karen Carr Studio, Inc.
Knuddel Kids psp tubes satellite image free at
Kylie InGold ★ Fairy Art of Kylie InGold Mermaids Pegasus Unicorns Fairies ★

Lee Seed steak recipes family for casserole at
Linda BachRach Linda Bachrach - Watercolor Artist
Linda Biggs
Linda M Heller Fantasy Art of Linda M Heller
Lisa Victoria Fantasy art by Lisa Victoria fairy/faery and dragon artwork
Lotta Tjernstrom:Flights of Fancy
Lynne Cerro Paintings by Lynne Cerro: Figurative Realism in a Classical Style
Les Toil

Maria William The Art Of Maria J. William - main page
Marjolein Gulinski Welcome to the Magical Fairy Art of Marjolein Gulinski
Megan Giles - /Megan_Giles/
Meilin Wong Another Blue Home Page
Molly Barr (Dragon Tree) DragonTree Digital Art
Monte Moore Home - Monte Moore - Maverick Arts

Nene Thomas Fantasy art by Nene Thomas Inc.
Nicole Cadet Nicole Cadet Fantasy Art & Illustration
Norma Peters In cyber-space, no-one can hear you scream.

Ogabel (see no evil fairys) OG Abel

Pamela Rimali
Paul Butvila Artwork by Paul Butvila
Paula Vaughan Paula Vaughan the Artist, personal Homepage
PC Crafters (Purchaseware) ClipART at - We put the art in clipART

Randy Asplund Medieval Illuminated Manuscript, Sci Fi and Fantasy Art: Randy Asplund's Website
Renee Biertempfel
Rion Vernon Pin-Up Toons
Rob Carlos The Colorsmith Gallery - Fantasy artwork by Rob Carlos
Roger Brown Roger Brown - Artist
Ruth Thompson
Ron Lacey (Ron's Toons ) vector art graphics computer animation at

Sarah B Seiter
Saturn Alice SaturnAlice's illustrations website ----- has moved to
Sharon George Fantasy Art and Goddess Art Prints - Digital Paintings
Stacey Sharp
Stephanie Pui-Mun Law Stephanie Pui-Mun Law - Shadowscapes - Fantasy Art

Thomas Fleming Untitled Document
Ty Wilson
Thitaya Pahsukkul - colorjuice Resources and Information.This website is for sale!

Vebjorn Strommen
Vie Dunn-Harr Vie Dunn-Harr - painter / contemporary realist
Vince Crain Muscle Car Cartoons by ViNcE CrAiN...HiGh OcTaNe ArT! COOL Drawings!

Wendy Kathleen Fairy Artist Angel Art Wendy Kathleen McElfish
White Tower Graphics Welcome To WhiteTower Graphics, Fine Art and Website Design
Wilda Milot/Chez Wil presentation_will