Sad story but thought you might want to see this‏


Jokeroo Immortal
Apr 3, 2006

I have been battling depression since I found my baby Marley passed away, killed in a home invasion after returning home from work. If you know Marley from this page, he is gone now. I live in NC. However I want you all to know the cops are hot on the trail of who did this. And Marley has gone viral. I have been contacted by people all over the world, even in Japan, offering condolences. He has made not only the local news but the national news as well. He is getting the attention he deserved. We will also be putting in for a law called "Marleys Law" that will make it a felony and carry a 10-20 year prison sentence when you kill
Someone's pet inside or outside of their home on their property. It's only considered "damage to property" for now but we WILL change that and we will make future dog killers pay.

More amazingly a reputable breeder from SC has contacted me and is giving me a GSD puppy for free in December. He will not replace Marley but he will be loved deeply as well. If you would like to follow Marleys story, feel free to add me and go like and share is page "Justice for Marley". He was not only my pet and service dog (I have lupus) but he was my child since I can't have them. Thank you guys in this group for all the love you showed my boy every time his picture was posted. I loved sharing his face with all of you fantastic people


Here is something I thought you might want to see, I am not sure if you can get this site, that is why I also posted her story