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Jan 23, 2004
[QUOTE="sassypants, post: 4785430]

Manzy just brought this to my attention And it's too late to thank her & tell her how beautiful & how much I love it and now it's a treasure I will keep dear to my heart I feel like crying..bless her heart...

Oh for God sake after I posted this I remembered she put this Tag in my profile for me and I did get to Thank her for it Oh Thank God
Maybe it was her sweet spirit who brought it to my mind so I did look all morning for it in my Profile and I found it I feel better now ...
Thank you my dear sweet friend for all the love you showed me and for the gift I will always treasure ...Give Tony a great big hug for me....
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Dec 22, 2003
When we lose someone we care about I try and find a way to make it matter.. I tend to have things come into my life like the last few tubes posted Squirt's butterfly angel and Laila's gate it just makes sense they were mean't for our sweet sassy. Today when I heard I called up Homie and left him a msg, he called me back and we shared a moment. It really shows me why I take things personal here because no matter if we've met or not we've shared so much and there are feelings that are real because of a friendship. I hope you are out of pain sassy and seeing all the wonderful things being said about you.. I will miss you sassy doll :littleheart:

And Queen Isabella requested your name :hearts:

I had to go to the Honda dealer but this song came on when I turned on the radio - I believe in song

Queen Isabella posted this tag this morning in Facebook its been a year since we lost our beloved Sassy

Thinking of you today and always



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Oct 8, 2004
Our beloved Sassy (Sassypants) died on the 21st March, just 4 days after her birthday. I think we all miss her beautiful shares and creations - she made so many for me too. She also made personal ones to celebrate family occasions and to comfort me after the death of my mother 2 years ago. But what I miss most is her lovely voice, for we talked for hours on the phone. Sleep well my lovely girl, with love from your AngelMommy xxxx