Sign in/posting problems


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Nov 25, 2003
Hey all, I am having a problem with signing in -

I will sign in, and without posting I will see a post and want to click on the "LIKE" thing, when I do it I get a pop up saying I am not signed in,, I will ignore that pop up and go along and then post and it will let me do that. Then I try to click on LIKE again and the same pop up comes up again.

Now then, with that said, I can go along and post a few things and then I want to replay to someone's post, I go to the trouble of typing out my response and click on "Post Quick reply" and a pop up comes saying I am not logged in WTF???? then at that time everything I typed is gone,, poof - gone in the wind :crying:

Also as I am typing this out and in what I have already typed,, I see I mis-spelled a word or something - I go back to correct it and as I am typing it is removing what is - over here - letter by letter so I have to highlight everything that follows what I am typing, delete it and now I can continue to correct my mis-pelled word BUT now I have to try to remember what I had already said.

example,,,, I had just replyed to a post Geoff made in my thread about the cat5 cable,, I had typed a couple of paragraphs and when I clicked on "post quick reply" that pop up came up sayng I wasn't signed in - I had just signed in, saw above in the "Notification" thing I had 3 messages, one was Geoff so I clicked on it, got the post he had written and relied, clicked on "post quick reply" and I got that popup "not signed in" and everything was gone,,,

All of this happens all the time and I have just delt with it but now it is happening all too often,,, H E L P Thy King Homie - P L E A S E ! ! !

BTW - I have tried it by typing it with out using the color, sizing and etc, that I always use when responding in here like this and still same problems


May 5, 2004
I'm sad to say I'm clueless :thinking:
it's one of the strangest things I've ever heard ... I'm gonna post this in the mod forum, maybe somebody else has an idea


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Jan 7, 2009
It sounds like something on your PC as no-one else has the problem.

Just to make sure, do you have another computer, like a laptop? Try that and if you're OK you're going to have to clean up your PC: something's infected.

Sorry, but that's the best I can come up with.
Jun 4, 2004

But sometimes when I want to reply to a PM or want to preview a post it's all gone.
It does not happen too often but just as annoying....

The only thing I MIGHT help you with is:

I go back to correct it and as I am typing it is removing what is - over here - letter by letter

You probably hit the "Insert" key insted of "Delete"