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May 5, 2004
where that evil house once
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looked like the path to your special place to me lol 1kissheart.gif


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Dec 27, 2005
it is way too hot to sleep
as i slow my mind down and the frames flash by...i am going to describe the storm that passed through here at 10 PM
i was watching TV as i usually do before bed...then all of a sudden the TV screen went red and a tornado warning alert came on the screen
it was not a watch for the area like we get a lot of...but a warning for my town i looked out my window i could see a large funnel cloud
forming with the light from each flash of lightening...the lightening was constant with nano seconds it seemed between each flash..i have only ever seen lightening like that once before..and that was during a tornado while i was visiting family down south...that touched down just a couple of football fields from where i was staying...the place i was staying was not it its path...but i will never forget the sound of the wind as it roared past

tonight brought back that memory of fear...i prepared for the power going out as i normally do during a storm
then i called my friends to see if they had seen the warning and to my relief they had...then i recalled not everyone in this building
has a i went and knocked on everyone's door to warn i can hear the hail hitting the building with the force of baseballs
as i got to the basement apartment to warn them of the danger..they invited me in and told me they had seen the warning and to stay with them
until it passes..which i did as the basement is the safest place to be during a tornado...i could hear the wind blowing the branches in the trees..within a minute it had passed..still raining and lightening the hail had stopped and when i looked outside...there was no damage i could must have not touched down...i only hope and pray that if and when it did touch down it was in an unpopulated area

the rain has since stopped as well and the temperature is less humid...but there is a heat warning in effect all weekend and into next week
Sunday is going to be 42 C or 107.6 F..too hot for me to enjoy Canada Day's events but will watch the fireworks from my apartment
perhaps the young couple in the basement apartment will join me up here to watch them