Where are ALL the Deadheads Fans?!


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Dec 22, 2003
^^ they’re coming to the Gorge here but already have Seger tics and Foreigner tics for Sept
Cost an arm and a leg for concert tickets anymore 🤨

queen isabella

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Jan 18, 2004
So Saturday June 29th Dead and Company played in Atlanta at the Cellairis Amphitheather @Lakewwod. the concret start was suppose to start at 7p but the band didnt come on stag till 720. we had seats that were 6 rows from being under the awning, we go hit with the HOT evening setting sun for a bit. I got to dance with some of the twirl girls. Kinda hard NOT to when you arer walking and they just come up to you. There was a lot tye dye and and bohemian attire being worn. "Tumbleweed" was deck out in his "Grateful Dead" gear for his bandana to his socks and shoes. We wnet in the "DEAD moble" got the "amp at 1p the gates open at 3p we hung out at others tailgates then 4ish we went and stood in line for security check and joked around and ate food with our NEW friends. we gained entrance at 530p Tumbles stoood in line to get T shirts I wen t to the bathroom and got food to take to our seats. Good music, nice crowd, I saw a lot of BUTTs cause I wouldnt stand up they had a 20 min break between sets we got home around 1ish. John Mayer was AWESOME, Bob Weir looked like the LORAX , John Clamity did a solo set on the keyboard. We had a really good time!