Wow! Since joining in 2012, the year I had all my teeth removed...


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Mar 25, 2012
... I decided to try and use the WWW to my advantage. I already had a YouTube account, and hence my Annual Spring Make-Over 'series' started to take shape. I also had been 'discovered' on as a singer/songwriter musician, and I felt wonderfully secure! I had had a hard time fitting into Society as I had been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic in 1986 at the tender age of 20, and survived as independently as possible on my disability grant and working part-time as a barlady in various hotels after the surprising discovery I made in the mental hospital that I had a drinking problem! On my first day as a barlady, I was fired for getting drunk on the job! I persevered, and after ten years, I had conquered my addiction to alcohol! Then I kicked the marijuana and acid, and so on! I take my meds daily now after coming to the conclusion that, no matter how many people told me there was nothing wrong with me, or me looking at myself and not seeing any kind of problem, that YES, INDEED THERE WAS A PROBLEM WITH ME. Though I couldn't see it in myself, I was able to look at others like me in the mental facility and recognise that I didn't want to be like 'that' anymore! It took four admissions (three of them forceful) at approximately six months a time, for me to 'come right'. Anyways, all my exploits and dramas and poetry/writing/music/art/entrepreneurships are now on the WWW for anyone to find, in my hopes that I may help others who find themselves in similar sinking ships! Well, I made it to this time in my life, and have been reminded that I have an account here at Jokeroo! Wow! I know in the beginning I was so green at computers and technology. Now, looking back, I reckon I've come a long way and I'm happy with what I've managed to achieve! Well, I'll leave my introduction like this. Happy trails and STAY AWESOME & CONTINUE MAKING GOOD MEMORIES! Warmest wishes, raine and pierre PS You may wanna check out my makeover videos so that you know I don't look like the 2016 photograph every day... I can't stand to wear my dentures! And I'm not a make-up person. But, I do it once a year to keep up my morale and look pretty, as if I were in a proper job with a good salary so that I could afford to look good everyday! lol



May 5, 2004
it took me ages just to figure out how to make a post lol
and even longer to post pics!
I had 15 teeth removed, it'll be 3 years in February, all the bottom ones are gone, just lost 3 on top
I don't see how you go without wearing your dentures, not because of any cosmetic reason, but because I find it difficult to eat most things without my teeth
I'm in a very public job, cashier at a grocery store, so there's no going without them for me
I don't remember meeting you before, so I'll say it's very nice to meet you
welcome back to the Roo!