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Hello, lady. I hope you are having a great time. Hoping to see you on the forum again soon! : )
What can I say to the classiest lady on the forum except, have a blessed rest of the week! Take care and hope to chat soon. : )
Welcome home! I'm happy to hear you have a new "baby". I bet that pup is spoiled already! Have a great night : )
I hope you are sleeping well and having wonderful dreams! Take care and see you later, I hope. : )
Where oh where is my buddy Kip? I missed you! If you read this, take care and I hope to chat to you soon. : )
I'm home, Phil. I sure have missed you. I hope you get some good rest and I pray to chat with you soon. :)
I don't like to say this often because it's so but I love you too, Tic! You have been a great friend since we both joined this forum. I just hit the Challenge Thread and snag all the tubes I missed so off to PSP for me. Have a fantastic night!
Hello, Tic. I sure did miss you! I have been in the hospital but I'm home and all better. I hope you are well and having a good night!
it was an awesome weekend, and it's been a very busy 5 days! but I'm back in the saddle! lol 🌹❀️
no sir, it did not ... miss me, Babe! it nearly came down right on our heads! my daughter's got a thread in Tell Us About Yourself, I'll be telling stories of survival in there! Happy Hump Day, Babe! πŸ’‹πŸŒΉβ€οΈπŸ’‹