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  1. Saint Isabel

    soon soon... needs thank you so much. i miss it so much to be here when i cant
  2. I want kids, he doesn't

    he wrote, he doesnt want to break up. he says he thinks he is too old to have a baby. then said he wouldnt be able to retire when he planned cos he would have to work for kids collegue... i said im 12 years younger, and i have a job, and in my culture (we arent the same country) women arent...
  3. I want kids, he doesn't

    im so confused, he is being selfish with me, cos he already has three, but i want one, i thought maybe im being dumb worrying about this if we havent come that far, but hw is looking for a land/property for US to go live at, so? lets say we move together, lets say we get married, and worry...
  4. True or False

    never been on a country with those seasons. mine only has two, rainy season and dry season. but to reply, i might like it so TRUE the person bellow me has/had a crush on a tv series character
  5. Saint Isabel

    Chapter V It was going to be 2pm and it was time for Sam to go out to the patio. She did not want to stop watching TV in the central room, but she was forced to sunbathe at least once a week. Everyone was aware of the event, hoping to see what it could happen this time with her, in addition to...
  6. Saint Isabel

    Chapter IV Samanta, or Sam as everyone kindly calls her, is a beautiful girl, short, thin, blue eyes and long and golden hair, many would confuse her with an angel as they see her in her typical white coat and loose hair. She likes to make friends and talk about everything. she gets along well...
  7. Saint Isabel

    im sorry! i have had horrible days...depression has kicked me hard.. but i'm back,. im finishing translating
  8. I want kids, he doesn't

    He has three from previous marriage, i have none. i want a baby, at least one. he doesn't- he says has nothing to do with the fact he has three already, but he isnt clear about why he doesnt want. and i just broke up with him. but i feel so bad, he has all i want, all i need, all i was looking...
  9. How often do you?????

    don't have one, maybe birthday? a lot how often do you forget your every password on anything?
  10. Reply with music

    Another simple game. Just use a sentence from a real song lyric to reply to whatever the person above wrote Rules: 1- Try to make sense thou don't just post something, thats the hard part 2- Dont repeat sentences from the same song the person above you used. I start: I like big butts and...
  11. The Last Post/Reply wins

    dada chan chan chan drum drum drum I W I N ! !
  12. True or False

    true, oh yeah baby is true the person bellow me hates coffee
  13. Saint Isabel

    i need this asap! lol thanks for reading still
  14. Saint Isabel

    Chapter III Saint Isabel is a white building with gray touches. It consists of 4 wings (east, west, north and south) with 50 rooms (or cells as some call them) a large back yard surrounded by white walls that doesn't allow a view of the outside world. The building was initially built to...
  15. True or False

    false, i do them one day before o.o the person bellow me in binging right now (I am)