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    other ways to upload???

    is there any other ways to upload pics then to bug essex boy to do them for me?? also i have been here since feb and i still havent figure out how to get to a chat room. is there one or is it only posting?
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    a newly married deaf-blind couple were having a little trouble in the bedroom.they coudnt understand each others sexual they finally came to a conclusion.the woman signed to her husband,'' if u want to have sex squeeze my left breast once, for no sex squeeze my right breast once." her...
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    need to delete a few posts...

    i messed up a few posts and i clicked the edit button under it and it wants me to make changes in it. i just want to delete them cause i cant get the pic on it. please help
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    a GOOD friend will bail you out of jail, a TRUE friend will be sitting right there by your side saying,damn, that was fun.......
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    old man joke

    A 70 yr old man went to the doctor for his annual checkup. Doctor asks him how has he been feeling and doing. He replies,never better. I have a new 18 yr old bride and shes going to have our child. The doctor considers this for a moment and says,let me tell u a story about an avid hunter that...
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    Penis Salary

    love it love it love it!!!!!
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    on jobs....

    people who complain that their boss is stupid would be out of a job if he were any smarter.
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    on marriage.....

    love,honor,and negotiate
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    mad cow disease

    the REAL symptoms of mad cow disease
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    even the doll looks disturbed
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    The New Perch

    that thing is strong to hold up that bird....did that dude leave some digits in his profile????
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    Cool Job

    chop it off and keep it off next time!!!!
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    Maybe They Should Have Cleaned Off The Night Table First

    the "guy" looks too fried to even care!!!