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    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone
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    Thank you dear - much appreciated xx

    Thank you dear - much appreciated xx
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    Hi Bamber!

    Hi Bamber!
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    Our Dreamer needs our prayers badly 😢

    Beautiful Dreamer - another angel among us who has gained her wings. She was a sweet, kind and loving person and will be sadly missed. Rest in peace Debbie xoxox
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    Greetings my King x0x0x

    Greetings my King x0x0x
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    sassy's shares!

    Our beloved Sassy (Sassypants) died on the 21st March, just 4 days after her birthday. I think we all miss her beautiful shares and creations - she made so many for me too. She also made personal ones to celebrate family occasions and to comfort me after the death of my mother 2 years ago. But...
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    RIP Sassy/Sassypants

    I miss you sweetheart - it's midnight here and normally I would be talking to you and wishing a happy birthday either online or on the phone. I miss your voice and the sweetness of your smile. I miss your lovely creations and your poetry, and most of all I miss your love and friendship. Until we...
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    Happy Birthday to Kipper

    OOps sorry sweetheatt - missed your birthday altogether! Sending love and hugs xx :love::emoji_beers::emoji_birthday:
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    ABC occupations

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    Sending hugs and much love, my King xoxox

    Sending hugs and much love, my King xoxox
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    Light a Online Candle and Dedication

    Candle lit from us for Kathy, PPM, sending prayers and healing thoughts to her for a swift recovery xoxoxox Light a Candle
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    The Future of Jokeroo

    What's happened to my profile page and all my messages? And where's my avatar??? Oh dear :(
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    How often do you?????

    Cats, twice a day, dogs - treats in the morning and fed in the evening! how often do you fall asleep in front of the tv/pc? :angel:
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    RIP Sassy/Sassypants

    Not forgetting Moondancer, Tigergirl and Sweet Dusty too! They will be having a grand party up there, and watching over us all - all so loved and missed xxx
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    Thank you dear - I'm afraid I have no idea how to post pics on here anymore, so am unable to...

    Thank you dear - I'm afraid I have no idea how to post pics on here anymore, so am unable to return the sentiments. Love and blessings to you xoxox