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    Deep thoughts

    Freedom means choosing your burden. ------hephziba menuhin Everyone of us is haunted by fears of some measure. That we learn through pain and grow beyond our fears we can only appreciate in retrospect. During the moment of painful confrontation or...
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    Express Yourself

    I feel like I am locked in a self imposed prison and I have been sentenced to life.
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    Deep thoughts

    Is there no one else out there who wears a mask?
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    Deep thoughts

    These posts are things I have come across and have struck me as Profound. I would like to share them with you and invite you all to do the same.:bow: The question is laid out. For each of us to ask. Whether to hold on. Or to drop the mask...
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    Hey Lisha, I have been meaning to mention this to you for some time now but have always put it...

    Hey Lisha, I have been meaning to mention this to you for some time now but have always put it off. I have a picture of you and a picture of my daughter and the two of you could seriously pass for sisters! Have a look and let me know if I am crazy or not. [IMG] [IMG]
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    The promise of a new day

    The Reward Of Labour Is Life --williammorris ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Almost everyone complains about work: the price of fertilizer, the drudgery of housework, the bureaucratic details, and the long hours. Whether we're mechanics or...
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    The promise of a new day

    :ww:Don't do nothing you can't share, and be prepared to discuss everything that you do. --martinshepherdmd-- Secrets diminish self-respect; they foster paranoia, and they make it impossible to have honest and open communication. Self-disclosure cleanses us; but an even greater benefit is...
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    Wanted: Kisses ♥

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    Wanted: Kisses ♥

    This one is my personal favorite. Great thread! :lips:
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    Introducing my first Grandbaby!

    I am very proud, infact my chest is so puffed up I could compete with your avatar..........................:lol:
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    Pictures wanted: The New Roo Gallery

    This here is my most recent picture, it was taken just a couple of days ago. Looking forward to seeing you all! [/IMG]
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    Introducing my first Grandbaby!

    Hey fellow Roo'ers. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you my first Grandchild Gage. I think that we can all agree that he just might be the cutest kid on the planet!
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    Jokaroo Funtivia tournament

    Hi all. What are the rules to this game and can any old member play? Where are the questions? So far I only see the scores............:heartrose:
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    Do You Wonder About Things?

    Sorry to burst your bubble........LOL But a fart is just air and as far as I know air does not have lumps.
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    Back with a Vengence

    Thanks Goodgrief, I am glad to meet you too.