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  • Good morning Phil,have a good week end.i have been at work so i have been on the wagon.
    phew it`s gonna be a hot one today.i bet you are sweating you bollocks off down there in sunny Torbay,lol.
    well i`m off work till Monday now .
    ahhhh this is the life.
    Thanks for that. I have always wondered what they were for although |I knew it could not just be for decoration.
    have you heard anything from Mark?
    i have not seen him on or heard from him for a long time.
    i can never vision you as a female.
    then again when you shave your beard off you change completely.

    tip toe though totnes with your hand bag
    and your sheer silk stockings
    tip toe through totnes with me .
    tee hee.

    Anyway back on the ranch......
    i bet you are basking in sun down there in the English Riviera while i`m putting up with this rainy gloomy weather.
    i hope you get you nose sun burnt.LOL.

    i`m off to see my bank manager to see if he can make me even more money.
    i`m gonna buy a umberella.

    *rubs hands together in the Fagan way*

    don`t work to hard,

    Hiiiiiii bamber........ i thought of you as a female....... sorry about that lol

    Nice to meet you ...... so plz dont hold it against me in any way
    good morning Phil, what a shitty summer.
    are you experiencing the storm we are getting.bloody hell it`s like the middle of winter but warmer.makemland got the storm during the night, but it looks like we are gonna have another one.
    i`m off work till sunday so i don`t realy care that much.
    *coughs..clears thoat..coughs again *

    :music:Oh what a beautiful morning,
    Oh what a beautiful day,
    I've got a wonderful feeling,
    Everything's going my way.:music:

    *coughs again.."POD"..coughs again *

    you skive...i can`t believe that,`s sunny here but me thinks it`s gonna rain later,well it saves me from watering my little garden.

    Anne`s out working over time all ready. tee hee *lies back in chair* oh this is the life.
    but you are doing what i`m doing, but getting paid for it .MUHAHAHAHAHA!
    i will try to be a good lad today.
    been sunny i was just going to do a bit of gardening and a load of black clouds have just come over.but it`s still dry.i`m looking now and they might`s much warmer today.i call this bamber weather lol.
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