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  • .morning bamber,the Weatherman said the temperature dropped really low last night and everyone should check on the elderly and senile, are you ok ?
    nice and sunny here. but i still has pig flu so i can`t be arse to go out * sniff* well i have a head cold but you know i like to be a drama queen. LOL.
    good morning Phil, i bet you had a lovely walk on a beautiful sunny morning eh.while it is dull and cold here up north and threatening to piss down.
    hope you had a good weekend . i have a stinking head cold.could be swine flu.well Anne is always calling me a pig.well i have to visit my bank today but i will be back soon to pester you.i am off now till saturday.bye for now.
    one day matey you will here a patter of feet behind you and a mackem voice say ," al rite phil, how ya doing ,i`m gawn up this way, like. i`ll walk wee ya."
    morning phil....KICK AND A PUNCH it`s the 1st day of the month....NO BACKS!

    hang on while i go and have a five finger shuffel over miss piggy.but i`m not touching her she will have flu. lol

    as the man said looking into his London pride beer, " looks like rain "

    different day same old shit weather.
    thanks for that phil ,i have saved them there. so now can i delete then from my profile?
    phew, i was worried there for a moment."wish i brought me brolly" lol

    well it`s gray here and it`s gonna rain soon.

    sainsburys has cancelled all over time, as it`s very quiet at the i`m here till Sunday be prepared to be hassled.
    i take it you are still very busy.
    * relaxes and puts feet up,yarns and stretchers*
    *whistles looking at watch thinks to self,"where the hell is phil he is late ...oh bugger i hope he has not got that flu,it in torbay at the moment,mmmm"*
    "i don`t believe it!"
    Loverly morning.. now the pigging clouds are coming over and it`s getting chilly,from the west, i might of known,bloody irish sending they crap over to us.
    so i might have to stay here and pester you again phil.LOL.
    morning phil,it`s sunny here as well.don`t know what i`m doing today.well i`m going to double the price of my car...i`m gonna put £20 worth of petrol in
    i`m workinf 9 till 6 tomorrow but it`s forcast for rain then so i don`t care.
    enjoy working,i might pop in to pester you now and again,lol.
    hi phil,
    you have been very quiet today that makes me nervous,getting ready to win another POD maybe,posting out your bribe,LOL.
    Or maybe i will put it down to that you have actually had some work to do.
    enjoy your walk home in the evening sunshine,GRRRR.still shit weather here.
    see you in the morn.
    ahhh maaan i`m renting a summer home in your little town and walk with you to work every morning along the a spot of fishing (i have never done that but i can start) then stroll back to the albert inn for a few pints.grrrrrrrrrr it`s still pissing down here cold ,it`s like frigging winter.

    ur umm oh, good morning phil, i did not see you sign in there.
    still a crap day up here.
    so i might just stay here and pester you.LOL.
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