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    If journalists told it like it is

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    Funny signs.

    Since China took over Hong Kong...
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    Star Trek warm up

    I always felt it was a bit operatic. The conductor, Rainer Hirsch, is well known in the UK for making classical music fun.
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    This morning

    What Fore Street would look like without the road markings. After editing by Phil Gayton, on Flickr
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    This morning

    Bogan House, Butterwalk by Phil Gayton, on Flickr
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    This morning

    From here the only vehicles visible were parked in the far distance. A rare sight, even now by Phil Gayton, on Flickr
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    This morning

    We've had the brightest, driest spring since records began in the UK, and the sunny weather continues. I had a little grocery shopping to do this morning. Even during lockdown it is very rare to find no traffic and so few people around at 9 am. Totnes Fore Street and East Gate by Phil Gayton...