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    Im sorry

    You guys are the best Im so glad I have friends like u........I love u all!!!!
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    Im sorry

    I am so sorry for being in the group for a long time. Ive been dealing with a lot of health issues and surgeries, plus trying to work a lot of hours to make up for all the days I have missed. Bills were piling up and now are finally coming together. Im still having health issues but they are...
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    Before and After

    age matters
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    Do You Wonder About Things?

    I wonder if I will ever stop being so darn tired every day??
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    Chew or Spew

    spew red onions
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    Bakers Dozen

    1. Broccoli 2. Carrots 3. spinich 4. cauliflower 5. apples
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    Breeze & 4 foot giant Teddy Bear

    awww that is soooooo cute!!! I love stories like that but in the same sense I feel sorry for animals when things happen like that
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    ABC Cities

    Gallop New Mexico
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    Abc songs

    Via Condios......???
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    ABC Food Game

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    ABC Beverages

    Jungle Juice lol
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    Squirt's 600,000 posts

    Congrats Squirt!!! WTG!!!:clap:
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    A very happy birthday to our own Steven T

    Happy Belated Birthday Steven!!! Sorry I missed your day....:kisses:
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    ~ ♥ ~ Wishing Country17 a very Happy Birthday!!! ~ ♥ ~

    Sorry I missed your birthday Country.......I hope you had a great day!!! Happy Belated Birthday!!!:bow:
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    Do You Wonder About Things?

    I wonder if I will work Thanksgiving this year??