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    How to keep your pussy warm.

    Great! Now all the Roo guys want to snuggle like that. Easy boys ... I only can handle two at a time.
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    Forget "Read my lips" ... where is "Lick my lips!" Isn't that really why there's no more bush!
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    Happy 2007 boys and girls!

    Happy New Rear!!!!
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    won't take "no" for an answer ...

    Exactly ... false advertising! I want my money back!!! Sounds like you've been lucky! Yummmm!!!
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    Beep Beep

    Brilor! Don't look into the light!!! Pssst! *whispers* You have a little gold paint around your mouth
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    Wax World.........

    You're right! We're out of here! LOL
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    surf's up!

    Thank you! Reminded me of a guy I knew who collected swords. He told me that origin information. Too bad he wasn't that ... ummm ... thrilling. Wonder if they'll catch the next wave too?
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    Wax World.........

    Don't even see my little heart-shaped design there! I don't know about this place! :devil: :inlove: :devil:
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    won't take "no" for an answer ...

    I knew a man once with huge feet And a freakishly small ... nevermind :tounge2: :devil:
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    surf's up!

    That's the right word ... Thrill thrill –verb (used with object) 1. to affect with a sudden wave of keen emotion or excitement, as to produce a tremor or tingling sensation through the body. 2. to utter or send forth tremulously, as a melody. –verb (used without object) 3...
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    surf's up!

    Think she might need a surge protector!?! :tounge2:
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    here cums Santa Claus ...

    Cum early ... cum often Doesn't matter as long as you keep him cumming back for more! :devil:
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    sweet dreams ...

    He'll probably make a mess anyway if he wakes up in that condition. Or he'll wake up his woman. Someone is going to have to handle his situation! :laugh: :devil: :tounge2:
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    Santa Baby!!!

    Oh yeah! Love a man in silk .... Love a man on his way out of his silk ... Love a man getting into my silk. :devil: :devil:
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    my Christmas wish list ...

    I think that's Santa's wish list!!! :devil: