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  • hi mate welcome to Roo.
    if need any help.... don`t ask me, as i`m not so bright and proud of it.
    hope you like it here.
    how ya doin' over there? lol just wanted to give you a little tip ... anything in blue is clickable, if you're not supposed to go there, it will tell you lol :music: :hugs:
    lmbo...you`re so silly..lol..or :lookaroun at least I think you are, I`m not sure..lol. I think whatever you have is catchy doll..:sigh:
    I started right where you are, it took me months just to figure out how to post! lol I can teach you, just about anything, and what I don't know, I know someone who does know lol if you don't want profile comments, we can turn them off
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