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    As smart as you are..I bet you didn't know some of this

    I tried to lick my elbow .....
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    Need help

    Your 16, when i was your age yes i had a gf, but we didn't have sex till 18. In my state, i doesn't matter if both are under age, the parents can still file a lawsuit. I would be careful also due to her sleeping around, you may find yourself being blamed for a child that isn't yours. If i were...
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    Ahhhhhhhhhh.......wot 2 Do

    caramel has a good point. As for sticking by him after cheating on you. That unfortunately is your call. If you think it's gonna happen again, then tell him if it does your not going to be there for him. Don't stay together just for the kids. They will be much better off growing up knowing the...
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    im so screwed up..i need help plz

    Ok as for dateing the poular girl ..... don't do it. Everyone wants to but shouldn't. If you realy have strong feelings for her than just stay close friends with her and after highschool something could grow then but, from my experiance, all the popular girls are stuck up and are too into image...
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    Pilot vs. Co-Pilot

    LMAO .... nice
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    How Fellatio Was Discovered.....

    I tell you what.... if that is how it realy started then it was definately a woman that started it, cuz that looked painfull for the dude, and it probably took some convincing from her to let her suck on it some more.
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    win boobies

    Please don't say the words squeeze and balls in the same sentance. :crazy:
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    Pre Marital Secks

    Are you kidding me? You honestly think your ugly? C'mon, your just as sexy as many of the lovely roo gals here. This is like the third post i seen you downing yourself. Please stop
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    Is He A Bald Geek ????

    Good thing for me i'm a little of both.... not too big and not close to small.
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    Double The Pleasure,Double The Fun ?

    Ok seeing this post again, i am wondering... if one shoots and other doesn't, that could be the luckyest dude going. his own form of birth controll.
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    You'll poke you eye out kid

    the name above the pic sez it all ...... crazy shit
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    The Ultimate Low-Carb Diet

    Well this is definately good to know i don't have to stop eating, now that i'm watching my figure.
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    How to stop flies ruining your dinner!

    Funny... reminds me of an old post with a woman doing a handstand outside to keep the flies off the grill.
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    How the moustache was invented!

    maybe that's why women like my mustach.... remind them of when i'm down on them. :devil:
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    Nutritious breakfasts

    Ok, im kinda curious just how big of a OJ bottle she has stuffed up there..... and a woman that streached out just wouldn't be any fun bangin so i'll stick with the cereal.... i love eating women off anyway....... opps got that backwords...eating OFF women..... hehehe