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    Seen in a pub in Southend

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    Financial Advice

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    Financial Advice

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    Happy Birthday to Essex Boy!

    Thanks for the great birthday wishes everyone I had a fantastic day at my daughters celebrating with Grandchildren
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    Southend's version of anti knife crime WTF

    I don't think they thought this one through
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    Squirt Needs All Of Our Prayers /Healing Thoughts

    Sorry to hear the bad news Hope you recover soon,Squirt xxxx
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    Harry and Meghan

    Are they right to want to stand on their own two feet and step away from Royal duty? Personally I don't blame them at all and respect their decision. After what happened to his Mum I think part of it is Harry protecting his wife and family They'd need deep pockets though as they still need very...
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    Once I used to think that if I had a self destruct button on my chest I'd press it I now have an amazing job , amazing life, money in the bank, 8 Grandchildren If I had that button now I'd rip it from my chest and throw it into the river Instead of giving up,my advice would be forget the past...
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    The Challenges

    Great work all I don't have a computer anymore, everything is done by iPhone so no PSP :cry:
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    Happy Birthday Essex!!!!

    thanks Manzy and Sadie,and thanks for all the great Birthday wishes on Facebook Jokeroo community everyone
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    Today is Squirt's Birthday ♥

    Hope you had a great Birthday:)
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    Banning Sleeping Beauty

    Yep,that's the new way of thinking here Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and the Christmas House Elf are all telling Children lies and should be discouraged.
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    Jewish..The one true religion z Every one god religion is a cast off from the the Jewish faith As a Protestant I know we exist because we no longer wanted to under the control of Rome (bit like Brexit) The Muslim faith is also a cast off (why else would they be so...