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  • I started right where you are, I had NO knowledge of computers or how anything like this place works lol
    it took me months to figure out just how to post! lol I got the newsletter and I loved the graphics the people here were making
    I'm here to help, that's what I do here, that's why I became a moderator, I'm a little familiar with Roofessions but never found it to be my cup of tea
    I'm available for help and questions, always, unless I'm asleep lol
    if you just click on my name or on my avatar, it will take you to my profile and I'll see your response faster!
    you're so welcome and I hope you enjoy your time here!
    I did have a nice Christmas, and I hope yours was too! :flowerforyou:
    PS: click on GO ADVANCED to see your color and font options!
    Thanks Squirt! :) I really don't understand how all this works. I've visited a few times, see jokes, animated pics, cool smileys (and what seems to be some good friendships :) )...but don't know how to do any of it myself, lol. :) I found Jokeroo about 5 years ago thru a joke that a friend forwarded to me and when Roofessions was added to the mix, I got pretty heavily into that and made some good friends there...but that Roo functions on a much more basic level than Jokeroo and is easier for someone as technologically challenged as me to get around in, lol. :)

    For instance, I'm not even sure that what I'm typing here will post as a response to you...or as an individual post.

    Perhaps I'll play around and try to figure it out. In the meantime, thanks again for the welcome! Hope you had a good Christmas! :)
    you should say Hello! :bigsmile:
    it's very nice to meet you, welcome to the Roo! :rose:
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