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    innocent until proven guilty?

    I don't think that " alot of people believe her". It's politically expedient for those against his nomination to try this case in the court of public opinion. I maintain my stance that these hearings stop. There's nothing in the COTUS that calls for these BS hearings.. The Constitution only...
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    what do you believe?

    I bleev the "lappy" is on the kitchen table I bleev i SHOULD be on more
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    what do you believe?

    I bleev reputation is paramount
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    Climate change

    Hate that my first reply to you, in ages, is to argue....but being a Florida native and, as such, a sort of hurricane expert,,,,,,warmer water only serves to Strengthen, NOT weaken.
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    What is it? #471

    Incense burner/holder??
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    The Donald Trump Collection (Please Add)

    Wonder if he'll re-return the Churchill bust....
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    Any Political Posts Etc

    I like my Borders like I like my Sodas LOTS of ICE
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    Thanx 4 reminding me of Creation Threads .... Might as well delete this one Looks like we've created some busy work for our lovable Mods
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    Thanks Manz....just saw it myself :sad: I MIGHT have time by 2018 to save all I have lol
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    yes to adblocker...let me turn off and see entire background supposed to be filled with "This space for Rent" bumpersticker style images
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    where all the "Space for rent" images were part of the wallpaper, it says that Can you see the rent images? It might be photobucket then
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    "Update permissions to allow 3rd party hosting" ??? It's all over my profile page
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    Livin' the dream, baby lol :kissy: Damn i've missed seeing you in my box :sigh:

    Livin' the dream, baby lol :kissy: Damn i've missed seeing you in my box :sigh:
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    Terrorists in Britain

    They really should try that technique, tho Imagine all the Jehovah's Witnesses that would end up being 'collateral damage'? :lol: