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    grandmother died

    thank you so much for your story. My children were not to close to my grandmother she speaks spanish and very stubborn about that well I don't speak spanish nor does my children so they really never formed a great bond to her but I did take all my children to the funeral for that exact thing. To...
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    grandmother died

    umm grandson I think you mean granddaughter...Anywho I did bring to the attention of my husband that the woman in my family live a long long time so he better be prepared for a long life with me. lol I totally agree love should be expressed daily.
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    man flu!

    I will say that my husband tries to help out with the kids when I am sick but the house is upside down so once I recover I have a major overhaul to tend to.
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    grandmother died

    Sunday my grandmother of 96 years old past away. Yesterday was the funeral, yesterday was also my daughters 11th birthday. The funeral was early in the morning and with Houston traffic we knew to get ready and leave our house early. I was so pre occupied with all that was going on that I forgot...
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    me thinks.......

    me thinks today will be a long day filled with sadness. The silver lining I can see from today is that I will get to see some realtives I havn't seen in years.
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    Express Yourself

    I'm kinda sad today my Grandmother past away on Sunday today is the viewing and tomorrow will be the funeral. She was 96 years old so she lived a very long life.
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    thank you they brought a smile to my face :)

    thank you they brought a smile to my face :)
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    that is so cool thank you

    that is so cool thank you
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    Bakers Dozen

    1. hard drive 2. Pencils 3 Binder 4. ink pens 5. scissors 6. ruler 7. Post-it notes 8. Crayons 9. construction paper
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    Help needed

    BRAKE FLUID - Jack Daniels, OJ and some grenadine who wouldn't be hooked !!
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    New member

    Hello and welcome
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    Bakers Dozen

    1. hard drive 2. Pencils 3 Binder 4. ink pens 5. scissors 6. ruler
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    i suppose yall are right its better to move forward than live in the past. I'm also a scrapbooker so I look at pictures from the past a lot thats where the idea came from. Thanks for all the responses. :)
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    If you had a chance to redo a year would you. Now you can't change anything that happened that year. this would just be an oppertunity to do it again because you enjoyed it so much the first time. Would you ?? What year and why ?? I would repeat 2010 I got a new computer that year I was...