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    My Husband ♥

    Oh! Dear what a sad case you are, get a life and get off that stuff, it will kill you.
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    Members and Friends Lists

    OK & thank you.
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    Members and Friends Lists

    This is awful, what`s going on?
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    Tag Requests...Name Tags and Extras...

    Please may i have these tags with Jude on them & tyvm xxx
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    Australia and the War on Tobbaco

    When i starting puffing at 14 we were not told of the dangers, same as lying in the sun, still puffing 55 years later, love my fags!
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    Fairies... add or snag

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    ABC Cities

    Wellington, New Zealand.
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    Where are you from?

    I am from Auckland New Zealand, do you know where that is? way down
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