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  • well? he didn't send me one? lol would you forward that to me please? I saw he was mass PM'ing but couldn't prove anything
    I see your gone, I bet I can find someone who's still here to send me one lol
    that's correct, they were set up to be anonymous, most folks sign them, and sometimes you can figure out who by what thread it was from
    I've always felt like they should be autosigned, it's like a license to be cruel for some folks lol
    click on SETTINGS (in the top right corner)
    then scroll to the very bottom, it should list your rep points and comments there!
    no sorries, it was the best thing to happen to that thread! lol it opens it up for a lot more posts!
    I had some that couldn't be posted there, but now they can, it's a GOOD day! lol :bigsmile:
    I swear, I need a bubble to live in!! Taking antibiotics and pain meds for a cracked tooth until I can get to the dentist. Now I have that along with a very sore throat and a cough smh. I'm beginning to think someone has a Foxie voodoo doll with several pins in it.

    How are you????
    yuck! I'm not ready for June... or July, August, September, or October! :p It's going to be close to 100 this weekend and very humid.

    How are you doing today??
    I had to make a new account, Foxie.
    I'm doing ok, kinda freaking out a bit because they're already saying that the weather here tomorrow will be very bad.
    How are you doing?

    I'm not sure if I like the place or not yet, seems to be very different.

    Big hugs!
    Very tired! Stayed up way too late then had to get up way too early! How are you doing today? Did you ever finish the game yesterday?? :p

    no, that would be TOTALLY cool! :bravo:
    might I suggest in Funny pics? it'd be the best fit, I think? ♥
    (or maybe tell us about yourself?) :thinking:
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