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  • not that I noticed, but I've not been outside *much* lol
    I hope you have a great day Mom!
    sorry I fell out but I needed to get off the computer lol fell asleep on the couch lol :blush:
    I love you too! :rose:
    *big warm loving hugs* :hearts:

    but he's not dead? lol :thinking: :hehehaha:
    the proof is in the pudding as they say lol :devil:
    I got lost browsing pics, found a cool site lol :blush:
    I love you too! :rose:
    *big warm loving hugs*
    PS: 54 here! :2thumbsup:
    I was wonderin' where you wuz lol I'm glad it was something FUN! lol
    I love you too Mom! :rose:
    *big warm loving hugs* :hearts:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the tags Sweet little bit I haven't had much time to Roo but I'm getting there.. BTW the Seahawks are in the Playoff's Saturday be sure to watch LOL!!!! just by luck I tell ya that

    Love Manzy :hugs::heartballoon:
    Thank you SO much Mom !!!! I love them - 'almost' as much as I do YOU !!!!

    I hope you're feeling better sweetie !!!!
    Sending TONS of *BIG WARM HEALING HUGS* and ALL my LOVE :littleheart:
    Hey Diana, I see you wandering around here tonight.....don't get lost LOL Hope you are doing alright. I see the big 10 is finally going to win a game lol even tho' I wish it was anyone besides Ohio St...........Wait a minute, it ain't over yet!!! A blocked punt, oops an interception, now it's all over! LOL
    Geico lady's 'puter took a chit on her, brought it in today and will be at least 5 days before she gets it back, thought I would let you know. But the phone in her helicopter still works LOL
    Say hi to Pops and tell him he is getting way too quiet lately
    lmao ... I've snagged it! :thankyouflowers:
    :bounce: is one of my fav's! lol :bigsmile:\
    ok day, that's better than a bad day lol my back is a little betters today, but still bothering me :sigh:
    yes, I'd say you need to work on that Mom! lol
    I love you too! :rose:
    *big warm loving hugs* :hearts:
    PS: working on supper lol
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