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  • oh!! you're in florida!! For some reason I was thinking you was up north somewhere! lol
    that would be nice, where do you live? I can put it in my GPS!! lol If you have some tubes you want just let me know and send them to my email addy and I'll put them in 'png' format and get them back to you.
    I wish I was close to you too, I would love to be able to sit outside with you to smoke! lol I feel closer to some of my online friends than I do to some of my 'real' friends here!! If you want to share tubes you ususally have to have them in 'png' format to upload them. I use photoimpact to make all my tags but I have psp to invert a lot of the tubes I get in the tube groups. Then I'll save them as a 'png'. I don't know why I'm in all those tube groups, I can usually tube a pic I like and use it. I have so many tubes that I'll probably never use! lol I need to go and delete a lot of them.
    aw sh*t, you ain't old! That's only a matter of the mind! lol I'm in a few groups but it's just for tubes. I have a yahoo group that I started called DreamersDreams but I haven't made but a couple of tags for it. Manzy and Dusty are the only 2 members! lol I have it private so anyone searching for me can't find it. That's like facebook. I have one but it's for my family and co-workers and I like to keep my private lefe away from the forum life I have.
    lol I needed to go to town and get a few things but I never did! lol I'll have to do a lot of running around tomorrow to make up for how lazy I've been all week! lol
    oh cool!!:sigh: the day was good, tho I slept thro most of it! lol I didn't wake up until after noon today. Can't believe I slept that long! lol
    thank you Diana:hugs:
    here's one I made for you, I snagged it out of Squirt's passion thread too!:inlove:
    Hi sweety:hugs: I just got through watching a movie, the day was okay, hope you had a great one!
    why thank you, I got it from my mom! lol :bigsmile:
    it's been a good day, now I've just got a bad case of the don't wanna's lol don't wanna do nuffin' lol :blush:
    I hope yours has been good too!? :eh:
    I love my Mom! :rose:
    *big warm loving hugs* :hearts:
    I love that picture! :sigh:
    thank you so much!
    I love my Mom *too* !!! lol :rose:
    *big warm loving hugs* :hearts:
    The sweetest part of physical love is just the touching...
    the embracing, the hugging... if it all ended there, it would be enough..
    just the thrills of touching and teasing one another, lovingly --
    with no real no need to go further...
    (reproductive urges should only over-power those who haven't yet reproduced...
    (though, I must confess, I like sex (euphemism :lol:) as much as anyone should...))

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