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    Angelina Jolie's before and after ...

    Angelina is HOT...Even in her early films. I love girl interrupted.
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    my mini rose`s

    Those are nice, I love roses But all I have are the wild roses that only bloom once in the spring.
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    Fallen Angels

    Wow, I haven't been on in a while. There are some nice angels here. And I like my siggy too....:)
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    Making Memories

    Very sweet
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    Fallen Angels

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    Fallen Angels

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    This Guy Walks On Water

    LOL...He also runs on water.
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    Job options

    LOL...Its nice to have options. If cat in the hat can't inspire you who can?
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    Job options

    Dang a sis that does it, and I can't say much baecause she takes good care of her babies with that money.
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    Job options

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    Sister of no Mercy

    Wow, Are they allowed to show that much Go sister.
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    Serious Gas Prices

    LOL...HMMMM, Wonder how many of the kids I can pass off as the first born?
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    who's laughing now?

    Gonna hafta get me one of those soon......Or walk.:unhappy: