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    Mr. President...Donald Trump

    Did anyone catch his supposed "war mongering" speech? I tried and couldn't find it anywhere on the Internet or on TV. My local TV news carried a 2 minute excerpt and he was reading the Declaration of Independence. What do people think "Independence Day" is all about? Even the gorgeous...
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    Memorial Day USA

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    Happy Memorial Day to you...I love you!

    Happy Memorial Day to you...I love you!
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    Any Political Posts Etc

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    Pick a song!!

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    The "forehead kiss"

    At this stage of my life I would be happy with any kind of kiss, anywhere! lol
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    What is it? #511

    Oh...I LIKE that! Just tap the spile into the tree, hang your bucket from the hook and you are ready to go. I have never actally done it, but that looks just like what I have imagined.
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    What is it? #511

    I agree with LMP...once again, she came up with the perfect answer!
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    Stand up to Cancer (add if you wish)

    I have lost too many people to cancer, but I know there are many success stories out there. My niece has been an oncology nurse for many years and she has told me she is still amazed at who survives and who doesn't. Some of her worst cases have gone on to a recovery, and some that "should"...
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    What is it? #505

    paper weights?
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    What is it? #504

    Horse brasses?
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    Baby (Giraffe) Watch

    It's a boy!
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    Baby (Giraffe) Watch

    Probably NOT tonight and maybe not tomorrow...but it should be very, very soon. The cam is running 24-7 and has really jumped in the number of viewers in the past two days.