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  • If you want to put the avatar in my profile I will resize it for you :bigsmile:
    to add an avatar, go to SETTINGS in the top right corner
    then on the left, look for EDIT AVATAR
    go to CUSTOM AVATAR, option 2, click on BROWSE, find the avatar on your computer, click on it and click on OPEN
    then click on SAVE CHANGES in the bottom right corner
    Don't worry take your time girlfriend you will learn your way around & your most welcome & thank you for adding me as a friend....:eek:kay:
    We are here to help you if you need us....
    That's fine girlfriend take your time.. You'll find a thread you'll enjoy.. You can add an avatar or sig pic whenever your ready, as you can see we're all very friendly here hehe.. Have fun :happyhug:
    Hi girlfriend you made it yah! Just have fun and be yourself that's all you need here

    xoxo Manzy :bow:
    not a chance (of letting anyone down) !
    it's a lot to take in, just go where you please, the rest will take care of itself!
    it's so nice to see you made it! :bigsmile:
    my door is always open if you need any help or have any questions :rose:


    Hope you enjoy your time with us we are a friendly bunch who like having fun...
    Glad to have you here with us...:hearthugs:

    to the Roo,, jump in and have fun. You have come to the fun place.
    If you like PSP and Animations go to the Creations threads. Everyone
    is always ready to help you if you have a question or a problem
    understanding anything.
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