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    Daddy Long Legs

    Im just curious how many people know that the daddy longleg is the most poisonous spider in the world, sound false? I thought so too when my daughter told me that, looked it up and I will be dammed if it isn't true...... There fangs are just too small to puncture human skin...
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    Read Now, No Porn Allowed

    This is my first post, but I think its ironic that you say something like that to the posters when you have the ad running in every post of women looking for a good f_ _ k... But I guess thats ok when it brings in funds......
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    Prayers Please

    I am a single dad of my own children as well as a foster child here in sw florida, I took my children from there mother for the same reasons, and god bless my foster child, He went through pure hell until I gave hima home with family and a house full of love. I wish you the best in getting him...