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  • There is a bug on the Roo. An sql error message appears even though posts are successful.
    Hi Roy; I've reset the link to What Is It? for 25th. Admin did an upgrade and lost a whole bundle of links. :nsbapoi:

    How is spain treating you Roy, still working i hope.
    Up till now it`s rained all this august,so if you feel you are missing Blighty.... DON`T!
    I`m off to Egypt in two weeks for a bit of sun and snorkeling.
    yes Roy Ibiza was the same, the wednesday we arrived it lashed down and on sunday and monday, the streets turned into rivers.lol.so we went into a bar and got soaked to the skin from the inside to the out.lol.
    we are going to Benalmadana in january for three weeks.we just love the Spainish rain.
    ttfn, s
    Hi roy, good to see you on here .how are you finding this site?
    It looks difficult to navigate at first,but once you get used to it, it is ok.i bookmark jokes and pics pages for easy access. I have put on loads of pis and jokes as you may of noticed.i am looking forward to more ugotoarians to start getting active on here as at the moment there is only bamber sweets and myself at the moment so i hope you stay here.
    I see Essex Boy has fully activated your profile - you should find things easier now, I hope.:D
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