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  • *sending lots of love and many many kisses across that big pond!!! :kissy:

    I'm so sorry....
    Sometimes it seems harder to lose a pet than a person.
    You truely loved Henry... I think that was what connected us..
    ...talking about him.((( Big, big hugs)))
    I'll send you a pic. of "Chia"...
    Thanks RL !
    Hows your kitty doing? I just got a persian on 3/1
    She is a real sweetie, but still a fraidy cat. lol
    No wonder, my 70 lb. Akita has been eye-balling
    her. :laugh:
    I'm sure it's not morning there...
    but, hope you are having a great day :bigsmile:
    :inlove: :)
    Ty all is well and i hope you and yours are too...
    Im just very busy lately and have not much ntime to be online...
    big hugs xxx
    your so welcome Peter,glad you happy to hear things are well with you.I hope your behaving yourself while the little lady is away.*LOL* I'm doing ok,Thanks for asking.just happy its warm again here,I was beginning to think I was going crazy and that I really wasn't in Fla.*LOL* big Hugs *HUGS* Diana
    Peace and quiet is nice but if I have to stay inside too long, I go My husband and sons have kept me in the house for the last two days ever since the creeper situation but not today! I'm out of this house I have plans. Enjoy your day, Romford, and take care! <333
    Is it possible that the sun can rise in the opposite direction? It's nightfall here and I could swear I see light shining brightly in the night sky. I believe on this night, I shall go out into the night, and seek out that light. Always a pleasure hearing from you, Romford. Be well! :inlove:
    *sending extra special love 'n hugs across that big pond!!!* :kissy:

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