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  • Hi Ryder :bigsmile:
    Hope we didn't scare you off... lol
    Saw this and thought of your siggy:


    Come back soon !
    Don't believe any of them Ryder,they are all members of The Spanish Inquisition,honest.
    I was a nice mild mannered 21 year old when i joined this sect,now i'm an old 55 year old bloke,penniless and destitute.
    I'm so poor these days that i now have tae open my windows in the morning in the hope that a passing blackbird will drop a piece of bread,there is no escape,it's like Hotel California without the wine.
    that's *partly* what I'm here for, don't hesitate to holler if you ever need help with anything else!
    I am certain I'm only the first of many!
    I'm sorry I've been slow in getting here! it is nice to have you here!
    I'm always willing to help. Squirt (another of the moderators) is always good for assistance, too.
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