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  • Pops won't be here unless they get here alittle later in the day.Pops has been helping put out some orders..I was hoping Keat could of made it up but don't think so..mrs.country may have her camera ready cause she knows what i plan on doing *LOL* she said she didn't know if she could stop laughing long enough to take pics.*LMBO* I am sooooo bad..*HUGS* MOM Love you soooo
    I will try my darnest not to.*LMBO* I'm just hoping I can pull off my funny without laughing so hard N peeing my pants..he may Chit his tho *LOL* I thought you would like to know..*HUGS* MOM Love you sooooo
    Just wanted to let you know I just heard from country N mrs.country and they made it safely to Ga. I am so excited right now I could pee my pants.*LMBO* they should be here tomorrow afternoon..*HUGS* Mom Love you sooooo
    stopping by to say good evening to my naughty but oh soooo sweet squirt !!!Hope you had a great day..we were so beautiful today..warm mom hugs *HUGS* Mom Love you soooo
    Was really sick and was almost going to go to the ER but didn't cause I have that place, you know theres alot of sick people there and I don't wanna catch anything. HA! Just getting out of bed now only to delete the some 30,000 emails I got in this past three days. LOL!
    Wow babe hows your hol going.....hope its red hot there and we get lottsa "bikini top" pics of ya !!!!
    Be back in a bit,I'm still baking !!*LOL* Chit I just finished my 6th bag of flour *LMBO*if you leave before I get back,I will leave you these sweet dream hugs !!*HUGS* MOM Love you soooooo and Thanks again for that lovely card,I will treasure it !!
    good evening my naughty but oh sooo sweet squirt !!Sure hope you had a wonderful day!!! *HUGS* MOM Love you sooooo
    OK !! Whats going on?? I just posted in name tags and my last post land up ahead of two of my other post...*LMBO*
    dropping off lots of warm Mom hugs for my naughty but oh sooooo sweet squirt !! Hope you had fun lastnight.*LOL* well, I'm off again,lots to do and little time left to do it..*HUGS* MOM Love you soooooo
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