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  • :happy:i am still wondering, wtf! i know that i've got over 45 buddys on my list and stil can onl see 15. I have to use another chabnge just to say hello to you.

    i don't like this.
    Goodmorning Sonshine ! Glad you loved your
    present....your welcome, darlin' ! I love you !!! :inlove: xxoo
    Well lol I've been eaten & spanked:laugh: Time for bed lmao!!!!
    I'll be back ro see about that answer lmao!

    Sleep well darlin' :inlove:
    Yes home now just got in at noon yesterday. Frist time that am on my own home putter now and it feels good, :happy:

    Cause last Weds. I couldn't use the Waupuns Public Library's computer cause one of the POD's I was looking at showed a girl with two mouse's on her tit's and a keyboard over her privs. LOL! The freakin' libraian looked at it and told the head person that I was looking at porn. I lost my computer rights at the Waupun Public Library.

    Oh dam another one that I am BANNED from. I think it was Icemans POD back then and wanted to make a comment on but couldn't, LOL!

    Yes had a great time in Wisconsin visiting with Mom, had her 80th brithday but the only time I didn't like it was saying bye and hugs cause she played the jewish mother on me and said, "Oh honey this is probley the last time I am going to see you." And we're not jewish, LOL! Dam think that all mothers are like that anyways, :sly: Sly really sly.

    I'll be posting all pictures of the vacation on my myspace you and all my jokeroo'ers have the link on my page here.

    P.S. Told Mom that I'll fly up there in 5 years again to visit cause I want her to say that that this is my Senior Citizen Son to everyone when I hit the 62 mark and we hit the BARS. HAHAHAHA!!!!

    Well be with you latters honey cause have to check out the emails from one gmail. Four yahoo emails. and the hotmail one that I've usually got 50,000 mails on that I am thankful for I know where the delete key is, HA!
    I found this awesome picture today, and
    wanted you to have it, my Char :inlove: xxoo :inlove:

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